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Newsletter Issue 6, August 2016



GIPO dashboard and examples of usage presented at EuroDig 2016

The GIPO Observatory Tool's new features were presented during the GIPO workshop in Brussels at The European Dialogue on Internet Governance (Eurodig) 2016.

Created under a European Commission initiative (DG Connect), the Observatory Tool is intended to support governments, NGOs and those interested in Internet Governance to navigate the labyrinth of global Internet Policy with ease. The dashboard helps the global community interested in the Internet policy-making process collect, analyse and share relevant information around Internet governance topics.

The customisable dashboardis the visual part of the tool, and updates were released and presented during the workshop. More information on using the GIPO Observatory Tool dashboard can be found here.

The GIPO Observatory Tool is now also available via an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows programmers to make applications, websites, widgets and other projects that interact with GIPO Tool content.

The wide-range of stakeholders in the workshop delivered clear messages and conclusions on the GIPOs applicability.

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ICANN57 will be held in Hyderabad, India 3 November 2016 to 9 November 2016

ICANN meetings provide the opportunity for an internationally diverse group of individuals and organisations to come together and discuss and develop policies for the Internet's naming systems.


IETF Conference in Seoul, South Korea 13 November 2016 to 18 November 2016

The mission of the IETF is to make the Internet work better by producing high quality, relevant technical documents that influence the way people design, use, and manage the Internet.

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A new version of the GIPO Tool was made publicly available on 1 July 2016.

Apart from the newly implemented functionalities including the dashboard and API, an improved version is available with new functions:

• A popup window entitled "Getting Started" appears on top of the landing page, presenting the main features of the tool.

• Improvement of the filters: the English version has been revised and a new Spanish version of every filter has been added. There is a new column in the list of filters to inform the user about the language available . You can also check the specific pattern matching rule in every filter for all the available languages, for example:

Google Plus has been added as a new social media source type for the GIPO Tool. Similarly to Twitter, the GIPO Tool now collects items by doing a term-based search using Google+ API ( The list of terms currently used is shown in the source configuration page:

Web Crawling now includes document fetching (like PDF documents, etc.)

• The CLIFF-CLAVIN semantic component is up and running in the GIPO Tool. This new piece of software performs the automated annotation of named entities contained within the text of the items collected by the tool. In this sense it is similar to the OpenCalais service currently in use, but with a strong focus on Geoparsing. We expect an increase of countries, cities and regions among tags associated to new items.

• The dashboard has been fully translated into Spanish.

• Another new deliverable of the project is the first (draft) version of the Deployment Manual. This manual can be accessed and downloaded here:

• The GIPO Tool distribution is a collection of software components with a total size of around 2 GB. You can request a DVD copy of the software and we will deliver it in a sturdy package to the person or organisation and address specified.

Optionally, you can also ask for a copy of the bulk data populating the tool until the time of your request. However, this is not particularly necessary, as after installation the tool store is initially empty so on first run everything available will be collected by default.

IGF 2016 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

Progress on GIPO was presented during the recent IGF 2nd Open Consultation and "Multistakeholder Advisory Group" meetings on 14 July at the UN Headquarters in New York. The various possibilities for cooperation with the IGF and other initiatives in Internet Governance were highlighted, as well as GIPO's overarching aim to facilitate access to information related to Internet governance and policy. Read more




IGF - Internet Governance Forum

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