04 Jul 2016

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GIPO dashboard and examples of usage presented at EuroDig 2016

By: Kasia Jakimowicz

Author: Pia Grochowski

The GIPO Observatory Tool’s new features were presented during the GIPO workshop at The European Dialogue on Internet Governance (Eurodig) 2016 in Brussels.

The Observatory Tool created under a European Commission initiative (DG Connect) is intended to support governments, NGO’s and those interested in Internet Governance to navigate the labyrinth of global Internet Policy with ease.The dashboard helps  the global community interested in the Internet policy-making process with the collection, analysis and sharing of every relevant information around Internet governance topics. The customizable dashboard is the visual part of the tool, and updates were released and presented during the workshop.This dashboard now allows for a histogram panel that shows results of a search item over time as well as geographical coverage of the topic and thecoverage of the searched results by issue. More information on using the GIPO Observatory Tool dashboard can be found here.  


Now GIPO Observatory Tool is also available via API (Application Programming Interface) that allows programmers to make applications, websites, widgets and other projects that interact with GIPO´s Tool content


Stakeholders from various Internet platforms attended and gave their support and insight on increasing synergies with other observatories and outreach. Chengetai Masango of the IGF Secretariat noted that while there are many observatories, each serves a particular niche, and cooperation is best developed between observatories and filling in the missing links.


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 01.59.34.png


Cisse Kane of pan-African network Africa Civil Society for the Information Society to promote Inclusive Information Society in Africa (ACSIS) showed the value of the GIPO Observatory Tool when monitoring and developing ICT and Internet policy in Africa. ACSIS supports the implementation and monitoring of ICT in Africa, an aspect of sustainable development. ACSIS used the GIPO dashboard and customised it to Africa on their website to monitor Internet governance and policy in Africa. The use of the dashboard in this respect shows the global applicability of GIPOs Observatory Tool, and how it can serve of use to peripheral communities. GIPO Observatory Tool can be applied in which ever way users choose. ACSIS is a successful example of applying the GIPO observatory tool and applying it to a separate website.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 02.01.04.png


The wide-range of stakeholders in the workshop delivered clear messages and conclusions on GIPOs applicability. It is a tool that is meant to be used not solely by experts but those interested in internet governance. The Tool and its dashboard are user friendly and are invaluable to giving a wide range of stakeholders access to internet policy dialogue and observation. The tool is transparent, its algorithm is open, and it is a product of a yearlong process of dialogue and development among multiple stakeholders. The Observatory Tool is ready to be applied by a wide-range of stakeholders and it can be access through the GIPO website.


In addition a short flash session presenting GIPO demo took place on the 10th of June.



Presentations from the workshop:

Bringing together Internet Governance communities - Co-designing GIPO's Observatory Tool

ACSIS - GIPO cooperation

Digital Watch and GIPO

For further collaboraton - contact Kasia Jakimowicz, Strategic Stakeholders´ Engagment for GIPO (kjakimowicz (at) open-evidence.com)


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