Internet governance

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23 Nov 2016
Portugal national IGF was established in 2010 year. The main goal of this IGF is to bring different stakeholder groups on one place, to discuss...
06 Dec 2016 to 09 Dec 2016
The 2016 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) : ‘Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’, is scheduled to take place at the PALCCO Centre from 6-9...
27 Dec 2016
What were the main Internet governance updates in December, and how will they shape future developments? How will recent updates influence the...
17 Nov 2016
The UK Internet Governance Forum is a collaborative partnership between Nominet, the UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport, key...
16 Nov 2016
The Youth IGF aims to give the opportunity of equal multi-stakeholder participation in the building process of the Information Society to teenagers...
15 Nov 2016
Indonesia national IGF was established in 2012 year. It aims at achieving the highest principles, as signed in the Indonesia IGF Declaration . The...