Internet governance

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28 Jan 2016
On Thursday 28 January 2016 DG HOME is hosting the ICANN – GAC Public Service Working Group . The meeting will take place in DG CONNECT premises and...
22 Aug 2017 to 24 Aug 2017
The 8th African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) will be held over a 3-day period from 22-24 August 2017 in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire. An open...
21 Aug 2017 to 25 Aug 2017
This technical workshop is made up of lectures and hands-on lab exercise to teach the concept of IPv6 protocol architecture, its addressing structure...
21 Aug 2017 to 22 Aug 2017
LINX is a mutually owned membership association for operators of Internet Protocol networks, which provides a neutral interconnection facility and...
07 Aug 2017 to 11 Aug 2017
The Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA) is a 5-day capacity development workshop focused on topics related to Internet Corporation for...
26 Jul 2017 to 29 Jul 2017
The next Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is going to be held at Bangkok, Thailand, from 26 to 29 July 2017. It is co-hosted...