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29 Nov 2017
By virtue of their strategic geographical position, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland - and indeed the Baltic states too – have been the subject of...
06 Dec 2017
The “massive and co-ordinated” hack on the election campaign of Emmanuel Macron, the Dutch decision to count votes by hand to prevent cyber-...
23 Nov 2017
Like companies across the globe, Spanish firms have been rudely awakened to the threat of cyber-attack by the recent WannaCry ransomware outbreak...
19 Oct 2017
Breach detection tools have improved. Event monitoring systems are much more sophisticated and can utilise faster processing and greater storage than...
03 Oct 2017
Gaming and gambling companies face some of the most challenging cyber-security problems around. They can be attacked by everyone from bored teens to...
27 Sep 2017
The rapid adoption of digitization in the U.A.E. and Gulf Cooperation Council countries has made the region an attractive target for a wide array of...