16 Mar 2016

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Updates to the Observatory Tool

Good news! We have launched a few updates of the Observatory Tool:

  • added a new functionality to search through the list of sources, in a way useful both for checking prior to suggesting/adding a new source if the tool already has it, and for displaying the list of sources by user-selected world regions
  • added a dozen of new sources
  • an improvement of the usability in the faceted browser by making clearer the elements currently selected and how to unselect them
  • a clearer breadcrumb bar
  • updates and corrections to texts (both for English and Spanish language) and slight changes in styles for some pages in order to improve their readability
  • added a a link to the giponet.org site in the About section
  • a new update to the help documentation: new version of the “Getting Started Guide”

You can also check the latest blog post about tips for searching: you can even click and launch some sample searches included that might inspire you! 



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