04 Feb 2016

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Release of “2015 in Retrospect” Report - The Top Internet and Jurisdiction Trends of the Past Year

The Internet & Jurisdiction Project releases Volume 4 of its annual Retrospect report. "2015 in Retrospect" features a review of crucial dynamics to identify emerging norms, stimulate policy discussions and catalyze the development of cooperation mechanism to preserve the global character of the Internet. 

Retrospect is a flagship publication of the Internet & Jurisdiction Project. It provides since 2012 a unique source to study and understand emerging trends and high-level patterns regarding the tension between the cross-border nature of the Internet and the patchwork of geographically defined national jurisdictions. The I&J Retrospect was founded to enable evidence-based multi-stakeholder cooperation and inform participants engaged in the Internet & Jurisdiction process about relevant developments. Between January and December 2015, the Internet & Jurisdiction Project detected, curated and categorized over 350 high-level cases around the world in a dedicated database.



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