02 Apr 2015

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Making Internet governance accessible to users everywhere

GIPO: The Observatory on Global Internet Policy

April 2015 will see the exciting launch of the GIPO webiste and engagement activities. GIPO stands for the Global Internet Policy Observatory initiative lead by the European Commission (DG CONNECT).

GIPO project will engage all interested members of the global community in the Internet policy-making process – by helping them to navigate the complex world of internet governance, and collect, analyse and share relevant information, as Mrs. Megan Richards explains in her welcome message to the GIPO Project.

Stakeholders will be able to use the observatory as a tool to anonymously find, display, share and debate up-to-date, reliable information and documents related to a wide range of Internet governance topics. It is being developed as to put key aspects such as regulatory and procedural information, names and numbers, IPs and web standards at their fingertips.

Internet governance is of great interest and importance to a wide variety of stakeholders around the globe. The GIPO Project has been created to respond to the needs of all interested parties – ranging from civil society actors to SMEs, parliamentarians to entrepreneurs.

The Observatory tool we are developing under the GIPO Project will serve as a one-stop-shop that gathers and organises relevant information from a wide range of different sources – including social media and websites – into a single, credible and user-friendly platform where users can search quickly and efficiently for information that best suits their particular interests.

From April, a series of webinars and technical workshops will involve calling for the active participation of stakeholders in designing GIPO’s Observatory tool optimal technical development, and will establish an on-going dialogue on sustainable and upgradable platform design. If you want to know more, please have a look here.

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