07 Jun 2016

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Latest release of the Observatory Tool

By: SilviaM

We are delighted to announce the latest release of our observatory.giponet.org webapp.


What is new?

The dashboard shows the current status and historical trends of key indicators (issues, tags, locations, etc.) in Internet governance topics (expressed as search queries). It aggregates quantitative data about the items collected by the GIPO tool so that you can find more useful and more meaningful content.

The pre-configured dashboard can be customized and stored for later retrieval. This default dashboard contains:

  • a choropleth map that shows the quantity of items in the search results within a geographic area;
  • a histogram panel that shows the distribution of search results over time;
  • a list displaying the documents in the results set with a control to limit it by any of the available facets (issues, tags, and world regions);
  • a bar graph that shows the relative size of issues categories in the search results;
  • and a heat map that shows the relation between tags and issues.

More about the use and configuration of the panels here.

If you're looking for a Web-based interactive solution to visually explore and present Internet governance data, try our free dashboard software. You can set up and run your own customized observatory, as the application can be installed on any web server and connected to data in GIPO Tool data store.



In this new version the tool exposes a RESTful HTTP based API that client applications can use to interact with our server and query our data store. The dashboard app is an example of a client application that is capable of consuming the GIPO tool API.

Using this API you can create your own scripts or applications with your own search panel and display for search results. More information about the proper methods and parameters in the API documentation here.

We continue to update the content, sources and filters on the app in all transparency. So keep checking for updates. For any suggestions, questions, feedback or comments please feel free to connect with us here.



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