03 Jun 2015

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I&J publishes May 2015 in Retrospect

The Internet & Jurisdiction Project has published the May issue of RETROSPECT, which informs participants every month about the latest important developments.

Here are the several topics covered this month:

  • Google, Twitter and Facebook face blocks in Russian jurisdiction over compliance with “bloggers law”
  • US court lifts copyright takedown order on “Innocence of Muslims” YouTube video
  • Israel recommends enforcement of anti-Semitism laws through global Terms of Service
  • Government approval and physical presence required for operation of all TLDs in Chinese jurisdiction
  • EU to implement larger fines against companies breaching data protection law in EU jurisdiction
  • Facebook among websites blocked in Nauruan jurisdiction
  • UN and international experts on freedom of expression issue Joint Declaration against Internet “kill switches”
  • The Pirate Bay domains seized in Swedish jurisdiction, .SE registry not held responsible
  • Indian ISPs technically unable to execute blocking of Uber app
  • European Commission releases Digital Single Market Strategy
  • China’s draft national security law calls for cyberspace ‘sovereignty’
  • Belgian DPA accuses Facebook of privacy violations, lacks enforcement powers
  • UK DPA requests Google to revise 48 “right to be de-indexed” decisions
  • Brazilian court rules content providers are not liable for copyright infringing user content or links
  • 800.000 pornographic websites blocked in Indonesian jurisdiction
  • EU study finds piracy website blocking and shutdowns are ineffective for curbing online piracy
  • Singapore shuts down news website by revoking licence
  • Israeli court orders ISPs to block websites hosting links to Popcorn Time app
  • Ukrainian President calls on Facebook to open dedicated office in Ukrainian jurisdiction
  • Russian court orders local ISPs to block website hosting links to web anonymity services 


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