08 Apr 2015

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Help us develop the Global Internet Policy Observatory!

By: dosimo

In April 2015 the website that will help build the Global Internet Policy Observatory initiative of the European Commission (DG CONNECT) is being launched. The website will constitute one of the possibilities to ensure engagement with a broad Internet community in the creation of a main GIPO tool, in combination with the Social Media channels available (see the links on the footer of this page).

In general, GIPO wishes to help users understand and monitor Internet-related policy, regulatory and technological developments across the world. It will facilitate in making sense of who does what, what positions different stakeholders adopt, and what is being discussed at key international events. It aims to make this information available to all actors, including countries, NGOs and interested groups which may feel marginalised in Internet debates and decisions.

GIPO's distinguishing feature is a strong reliance on the power of technology to manage complex information flows, and in particular semantic technologies. The GIPO online tool will search and scan content sources (new or pre-defined by registered users), and import those content items that comply with some specific rules (filters for each source). The retrieved contents will be routed to semantic enrichment modules that will analyse the content, detect and add several metadata such as people, organisation and location. Users will be able to search and analyse desired items in detail and share, visualise or export them to other platforms (even other observatories). If you want to have a rough idea, you can look at the demo developed in the feasibility study.

GIPO will be a useful tool to retrieve information about Internet Governance, but will not be a forum to discuss Internet Governance issues. There are already many other places (such as Internet Governance Forum here) where discussion is taking place, in case you are interested. 

Before the final tool is ready, there will be lots of room for discussion on its development. Our work will be carried out as openly as possible. A part of the creation of this website, we have planned many different activities to stimulate feedback and input from the community.

  • Every 2 months, webinars to discuss the different technical components. The first one will be held by the end of April.
  • Every 6 months, live events with key stakeholders to discuss progress. The first one is due during EuroDIG in Sofia, BG, on June 4th
  • Continuous discussions in the Advisory Group with 12 high level experts being invited on a rotation basis - more information coming on this soon
  • Strong collaboration with similar initiatives in order to promote synergies and avoid redundancies. GIPO is not expected to be the single contact point for global Internet policy, but a useful service for the global community , in collaboration with others. By the end of 2015, we will publish a roadmap for federating with other similar initiatives.
  • Last but not least, we will use this blog to share information, doubts and questions to the community.

In other words, openness and collaboration will be a key feature of GIPO. These are not mere words, but rules of engagement on our side.
When we ask a question, we mean it. We will ask questions only when we genuinely need an input from the community. It will be clear on which issues we are open to receive input, and on which ones we have already decided our development strategy.
When you answer, we listen. We will provide periodic summary updates on the results of our discussions, and how the input received has been used.

At this moment, we will be glad to see your comments about GIPO (you can comment below or send us a message).


Many thanks for reading us - we look forward to hearing from you!


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