27 May 2016

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Great keynote speakers for GIPO workshop confirmed

By: Kasia Jakimowicz



Great news! Great speakers confirmed for Co-designing GIPO´s Observatory Tool - Bringing together IG communities that will take place on Day 0 of the Eurodig 2016 in Brussels.

Tereza Horejsova, Director Project Development and Coordinator of Geneva Internet Platform at DiploFoundation

Tereza Horejsova

Tereza Horejsova is currently a Director for Project Development at DiploFoundation, where she also coordinates the Geneva Internet Platform project. Prior to her work for Diplo, she has had positions in the academia and think-tank industry, besides others at the Middlesex University Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Charles University, and EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy - both in Prague, the Czech Republic. Tereza has a PhD in International Studies and MA in European Studies from the Charles University. She is a Czech national, currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Cisse Kane,  Chair of African Civil Society for the Information Society (ACSIS)

Cisse Kane 

Dr. Cissé Kane, ACSIS Chair is an International Consultant on issues related to development. He holds a PhD in geography (Geneva and Utrecht Universities) a bachelor in arts (Arabic) and a master degree in information systems. He has more than 18 years’ experience on Information and Communication Technologies development issues, including project and program management in developing countries (ICT and decentralization, digital education, e-waste management, etc.), advocacy, financing ICT for development, international negotiation’s, at UNITAR, the Digital Solidarity Fund, etc. and as Civil Society member. Cisse is the author of various publications on urban geography, transportation, ICT, Art issues.

Since the early stages, Cisse has been involved in the World Summit on the Information Society process as founding member of various ICT NGO's, African Diaspora ICT NGO's Secretary General in Geneva, Vice-Chair and Chair of ACSIS: the Panafrican network on ICT4SD. Cisse speaks French, English, Arabic, Pulaar and Ouolof and a bit of Dutch.

Kasia Jakimowicz, Strategic Stakeholders´Engagement for GIPO, European Affairs Manager, Open Evidence

Kasia Jakimowicz

Kasia Jakimowicz is a European Affairs Manager at Open Evidence where she combines the worlds of policy and business. She is responsible for strategic stakeholders´ engagement and federation roadmap for GIPO initative. She is a policy analyst, marketing professional and entrepreneur with experience from the European Commission, non-profit & private sector. At Open Evidence she focuses on horizontal policy analysis and strategic outreach in the field of information and knowledge society, internet governance, startups and digital entrepreneurship. She is involved in numerous projects of the European Commission (DG GROW, DG CNECT, DG RTD) including Startup Manifesto Policy Tracker, Global Internet Policy Observatory or EU Data Market Study. She also coordinates the study on assessing the potential for crowdfunding and other forms of alternative finance to support research and innovation for DG RTD.

Cristina Monti, International Relations Officer, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Cristina Monti

Cristina Monti is International Relations Officer in the Directorate General for Communications networks, Content and Technologies (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission since January 2014. She is a member of the Internet Governance Taskforce responsible for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO). Cristina is also the official alternate representative of the European Commission to the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) of ICANN. Cristina first joined the European Commission in 2012 in the Directorate General for Translation. Before that, she was Director of the European Internet Foundation (EIF), an independent, non-partisan and multi-stakeholder forum led by Members of the European Parliament, with the aim to help provide European political leadership responsive to challenges of the digital revolution

Luis Meijueiro, Senior Consultant CTIC Foundation Technology Centre

Luis Meijueiro

Luis Meijueiro is a senior consultant in knowledge management and Open Data at CTIC Foundation Technology Centre since 2005, and plays the role of functional analyst of GIPO technical platform. He is responsible for the functional definition, analysis and platform documentation. His research interests include e-Government, Open Government, Open Data, and Semantic Web. Meijueiro received an MSc in computer science at the University of Deusto, Bilbao.

Luis has worked too in consultancy services for eGovernment projects related to the deployment of broadband infrastructure and web applications in public institutions and business associations. In recent years Meijueiro has participated in projects linked with reuse of Public Sector Information, including the re-use strategy for the Government of Spain and the architecture of the national Open Data portal. Meijueiro has been the content steward and member of the expert’s team during the final years of the ePSI Platform, the European Commission’s initiative for promoting the PSI reuse across EU.

Chengetai Masango, Programme and Technology Manager at United Nations Secretariat for the Internet Governance Forum.

Chengetai Masango


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