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GIPO webinar series: The challenges of multilingualism in the internet policy observatory tool

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Event date from: 20 Apr 2016
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Organised by Open Evidence for GIPO

Join the webinar on April 20, 2016 2:00 - 3:00 PM CEST and share your opinion with us!

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During the 7th webinar we will address the potential and limitations of some technologies and/or techniques in enabling the search and access in multiple languages to the items from the GIPO Observatory Tool perspective.

Dr. Cisse Kane, the President of The Africa Civil Society on the Information Society will add an African perspective. 


1. Introduction to webinar by Kasia Jakimowicz (Open Evidence)

2. Presentation by Miguel Garcia, front-end developer (Fundacion CTIC)

  • Multilingual Web Portals - We will talk about internationalization of web portals, challenges and possible complications. Also the system to add new translations (.po files in Drupal) to the interface will be covered.
  • Content Providers and language detection - We’ll review how the different types of sources of content used by the GIPO tool identify the language of contents.
  • Multilingual classification - We’ll talk about the language support and limitations of semantic services, and how we can use automatic translation services and MediaWiki to look up and get terms (tags) for different languages.

3. The ACSIS Platform´s perspective by Dr. Cisse Kane, ACSIS 

4. Q & A

5. Wrap Up


About GIPO Observatory Tool

Initiated in January 2015 with the goal to apply advanced technologies (data mining, semantic analysis and data visualisation) to data that is already available in order to provide better and clearer access to information, the GIPO Observatory Tool will make it easier for stakeholders to participate in Internet Governance debates, in particular for those that are currently put off by the complexity of information. To increase the sustainability and effectiveness of the project, GIPO aims to provide a framework to enable cooperation among platforms and by that, to build bridges among observatories and avoid the risk of parallel redundant efforts.

Access to the GIPO Observatory Tool:



Presentations (PDF)

1. The challenges of multilingualism in the Internet Policy Observatory Tool

2. Presentation of the African Civil Society on the Information Society - ACSIS




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