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GIPO webinar: a guided tour through our tool!

Gipo Event

Event date from: 23 Feb 2016
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Organised by Katarzyna Jakimowicz, GIPO Strategic Stakeholders´Engagement

23 February 2016, 15:00-16:00 (CET), 14:00 - 15:00 (UTC)

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Explore the GIPO Observatory Tool and share your impressions with us!

One year after kick-starting the project, the GIPO initiative is pleased to present the GIPO Tool. During the webinar, GIPO's development team will present the navigation system and search functionalities, as well as a beta version of the data visualisation. Moreover, we will discuss how to access the open data driving the tool.

All participants will receive access to the beta version of the Tool a week before the webinar.



1. Introduction by Kasia Jakimowicz, GIPO Strategic Stakeholders' Engagement, Open Evidence

2. Exploring the GIPO Tool's  user interface, Luis Meijueiro, Fundacion CTIC

    a) Overview of the navigation system

    b) Finding out the best way for you to access information in GIPO tool:

  • When to search and when to navigate.
  • Faceted metadata navigation.
  • Data visualisations.

    c) Machine-Friendly access to The Observatory Tool

  • Open Data: available data and formats
  • Reuse practises and legal issues

3. Open discussion

4. Wrap up


About GIPO:

Initiated in January 2015 with the goal to apply advanced technologies (data mining, semantic analysis and data visualisation) to data that is already available in order to provide better and clearer access to information, GIPO Observatory Tool will make it easier for stakeholders to participate in Internet Governance debates, in particular for those that are currently put off by the complexity of information.

To increase the sustainability and effectiveness of the project, GIPO aims to provide a framework to enable cooperation among platforms and by that, to build bridges among observatories and avoid the risk of parallel redundant efforts.


Presentation in PDF:

Exploring the user interface of The Observatory Tool



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