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GIPO Open Forum during IGF 2015

Gipo Event

Event date from: 13 Nov 2015
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Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima Conference Center, Workshop Room 2
Organised by Kasia Jakimowicz, Open Evidence on behalf of GIPO initiative

Progress of Global Internet Policy Observatory - Open debate on usability and inclusivity of the platform, 17:30 - 18:30 UTC, Workshop Room 2


The objective of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) is to provide technical tools that will make information on Internet policy and governance widely accessible for interested communities (countries, NGOs and interest groups, which may have been marginalised in Internet debates and decisions).


The main idea behind GIPO is to apply advanced technologies (data mining, semantic analysis and data visualisation) to data that is already available in order to overcome the problem of information overload and its fragmentation. Information comes from different countries in different languages, from different sources and in different forms. In this context the issue of multilingualism (inclusivity) as well as the form of presenting the information and the way users interact with it (usability) is crucial.  It is not only linked with the user interface, but also with the categorization and taxonomies, the semantic services, etc.


During this forum the GIPO team will invite Internet Governance stakeholders and technological experts involved in the development of similar platforms to open debate about:

  1. A collaborative approach to GIPO where the community can help in translating and shaping any cultural or even technical issue (accessibility)
  2. A design / configuration of the user dashboard - user case scenarios (usability)
  3. An interoperability of the platform with other initiatives - first results of federation roadmap will be presented.


​The demo of the GIPO tool will be presented and future areas for collaboration would be identified.




1. Introduction to GIPO by Cristina Monti, European Commission

2.  Presentation of beta version of GIPO tool by Luis Meijueiro, Fundacion CTIC

3.  GIPO as an information "engine" for other initiatives by Stefaan Verhulst, The GovLab

4. Towards a "Federation roadmap" for online Observatories by Kasia Jakimowicz, Open Evidence

5. Q&A / Open Discussion


See the GIPO tool presentation at IGF (PDF).


If you think your project / initiative can cooperate with GIPO either as a user or an info provider, please fill-in the survey:



GIPO team, representatives of the technical community, members of the GIPO Advisory Group, representatives of other internet governance initiatives, invited experts.

Remote participation in the event will be possible.


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