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GIPO Observatory Tool during EuroDig 2017

Gipo Event

Event date from: 05 Jun 2017
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Swiss Hotel, Tallin
Organised by GIPO

join our session

Join GIPO to lear how the Observatory tool can benefit you plus a second session to discuss future governance of the Internet Policy observatory. 

5 June, 13h00

Room Tornimäe I


GIPO: What is the sustainable governance model for Internet Policy observatory?

Preceded by workshop about the MAPPING project

6 June, 17h00


GIPO Flash Session: How can you benefit from the GIPO Observatory Tool?

The GIPO project has been now running for two and a half years, and at the end of 2017, the European Commission's seed funding for the initiative will come to an end. We invite you to join members of the GIPO Advisory Group and other experts to discuss sustainable and future-proof  governance models for GIPO and other Internet Policy Observatories. This session will follow the workshop on the MAPPING project.

The GIPO session will entail:

  • Presentation of the GIPO Observatory Tool status
  • Community building in GIPO: Should we build Regional Working Groups?
  • Sustainability of GIPO: does an automated tool need a governance structure?
  • Helping improve multi-stakeholderism by increasing the number of stakeholders and the usefulness of the tools: GIPO’s role
This session will explore how your organisation can use the GIPO Observatory Tool to your advantage, and how to implement its services in practice.
You will learn:
  • How the GIPO Observatory Tool works in practice and how it can be used by NRIs
  • How to connect the Tool to your website
  • How to experiment with the Tool and its Dashboard



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