23 May 2017

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GIPO at EuroDIG 2017

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The Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG) will meet in Tallinn on 6 & 7 June. Continuing the year-round Europe-wide dialogue, the meeting will pull together national perspectives to shape the future of the Internet.

Attendees will share expertise and learn about best practises including how to benefit from the GIPO Observatory Tool on 5 June at 13.00.

As well as the informative presentation, GIPO will run a Flash Session on 6 June at 1700:

GIPO: What is the sustainable governance model for Internet Policy observatory?

Attendees are invited to discuss sustainable and futureproof governance models for GIPO and other Internet Policy Observatories with members of the GIPO Advisory Group and other experts, within the context that the GIPO project has been now running for two and a half years. 


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