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GIPO and taxonomies of internet governance - open cooperation

Gipo Event

Event date from: 15 Sep 2015
Event type
remote participation
Organised by GIPO

Join and contribute to the discussion, 13:30 - 14:30 UTC (15:30 - 16:30 CET)



Internet governance is a complex topic encompassing a broad range of aspects (technological, social, economic, developmental, legal and political).  The development of a shared taxonomy is one of the key challenges for GIPO. Currently different observatories and mapping initiatives adopted different approaches to the taxonomy of internet governance, which could reduce the synergies and interoperability between the initiatives.

Taking this into consideration, the GIPO initiative attempts to address this challenge during the development of the platform and invites the IG community for wider collaboration on the creation of a more unified conceptual approach that will simplify the interoperability of the platforms and mapping initiatives. This will also provide an important input in the ¨federation roadmap¨ that GIPO will release later this year.

In addition, the IG taxonomy finally used (in English) should ideally  also be "multilingual-aware” or expandable. This leads us to the question of how we could integrate in GIPO some kind of translation mechanism that complies with GIPO requirements.

During this webinar we will discuss taxonomies of internet governance and a possible approach to achieve maximum usability and synergies with other initiatives.

Moreover, the GIPO Advisory Group and its role in taxonomy development will be presented.

In line with the concept of open collaboration, we invite other IG initiatives to present their developments and possible synergies with GIPO. During this webinar DiploFoundation will present its Digital Watch initiative.



15:30 - Introduction (moderator: Kasia Jakimowicz, Open Evidence)

15:35 - Introduction to internet governance taxonomies (DiploFoundation)

15:45 - GIPO and taxonomies of internet governance (Luis Meijuerio, Fundacion CTIC)

15:55 - Presentation of Digital Watch/ Geneva Internet Platform (DiploFoundation)

16:05 - Open nominations to GIPO Advisory Group and AG role (Jamal Shahin and Trisha Meyer, VUB)

16:15 - Q&A

16:25 - Wrap up



internet governance experts, observatories and mapping initiatives, technological experts involved in the topic



1_GIPO_3rd_webinar_ introduction
2_GIPO_3rd_webinar_Taxonomy of Internet Governance
3_GIPO_3rd_webinar_GIPO Taxonomy for IG
5_GIPO_3rd_webinar_GIPO Advisory group


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