21 Sep 2015

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GIPO Advisory Group Open Nomination Process

By: TrishaM

Now launching an open nomination process for GIPO’s Advisory Group

The Global Internet Policy Observatory’s (GIPO) main aim is to develop a tool for helping the global community interested in the Internet policy-making process with the collection, analysis and sharing of relevant information on Internet governance topics. GIPO provides an easy-to-use tool that empowers any user to find, display, share and debate about information and documents automatically gathered for a wide set of Internet governance topics. This project uses automated data collection and analysis, semantic technologies, web standards and open data to achieve this.

An Advisory Group (AG) has been established to facilitate the development of GIPO. We are currently looking for four additional members to complement the expertise in the group. The group’s operating principles (modus operandi) are available on the GIPO AG webpage.

In a nutshell, the AG carries out four tasks:

  1. Provide guidance on all aspects of the evolution of GIPO, including – but not limited to — new technological solutions for the tool
  2. Promote GIPO through their own institutions and networks
  3. Ensure that GIPO remains abreast of topics and that the challenge of ‘selectivity’ or ‘bias’ in source selection is minimized
  4. Contribute to the steering of GIPO’s development, for instance by highlighting content for the tool's homepage.

We are particularly interested in receiving nominations from people with expertise in legal issues, multilingualism, and stakeholder/community engagement. We are looking for representation from all parts of the globe that are currently underrepresented in our existing AG (i.e. Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East). We will take the gender balance in the Advisory Group into consideration.

If you wish to nominate someone (please note that you cannot nominate yourself) for a role on this group, please send an email to ag-nominate@giponet.org. Include the following details in the email:

  • Name of nominee:
  • Expertise (keywords):
  • Current role(s) in the internet governance community:
  • Location:
  • Link to further information (eg. website):

Please do check if the person is willing to be nominated prior to nominating them.

Trisha Meyer


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