11 Jun 2015

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First year of the MAPPING project in review

The MAPPING project concluded its first year at the end of February 2015, and it just published its second newsletter.

This project specifically investigates and debates the existing innovation policies, business models and legal framework related to the implementation of the Digital Agenda for Europe and the changes needed to set up an improved governance structure for the EU innovation ecosystem.

A major outcome of the MAPPING project is the MAPPING Policy Observatory. The core of this “policy watch” activity is the monitoring of policies and projects related to links between Internet and society at European, national and local level. The aim of the Observatory is to gather, organize and systematize publicly available information related to the main policy topics of the project, and it offers a synthetic view of policy matters related to the three MAPPING focus areas: Privacy, Intellectual Property Rights and Internet Governance.

In the upcoming year the MAPPING consortium plans to pursue further dialogue online and offline, and it will be organising the First General Assembly in Hanover (DE) planned for Autumn 2015. 

Read more about the MAPPING project and see how you can get involved on the MAPPING Newsletter No 2.


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