26 Nov 2015

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Demo of the beta version of the GIPO tool

By: SilviaM


The GIPO tool has been presented during last day of IGF 2015.

Luis Meijueiro explained how the GIPO tool can be useful for the Internet Governance community and what is unique about it. He presented the demo of the beta version of the GIPO tool focusing on 5 areas:

  • General interface

  • Content classification

  • Content filtering and automatic scoring

  • Content evaluation and sharing

  • Interoperability with other systems


The first video presents an overview of the interface; the second video explains the automatic classification of the content, the third video explains the filtering applied to the sources in order to only pick their relevant items; the fourth video explains the available functionalities that enables the content evaluation by the users, and the fifth and final video explains how the content items within the tool’s database can be accessed from the outside by third party software.


GIPO demo 1 - General Interface


GIPO demo 2 - Content Classification


GIPO demo 3 - Content filtering and automatic scoring


GIPO demo 4 - Content evaluation and sharing


GIPO demo 5 - Interoperability with other systems



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