23 May 2016

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Bringing together multiple stakeholders with and for GIPO

By: jshahin


Updated with links to web stream of plenary sessions



After one year of operating in a digital space, GIPO’s Advisory Group will get together physically to discuss questions relating to GIPO in a roundtable in Brussels before the start of EuroDIG (8 June). As we have learnt, this is a crucial aspect of community building for the Advisory Group. We hope this will lead to a greater understanding of how GIPO can be useful for its (potential) users around the world.


The meeting will predominantly focus on the growth, reach and ownership of the Observatory, initially established as a tool to share information about internet governance (IG) topics to a broad base of stakeholders. Many such actors may not have the capacity to be actively involved in 'esoteric' technical and legal issues, but internet governance policies have a direct and profound impact on their activities. We hope to address three key questions:

1. How can GIPO actually advance policy discussions in Internet Governance? 
The roundtable will briefly present the dynamics behind the emergent frameworks for multistakeholder processes, specifically addressing how GIPO contributes to the evolution of multistakeholder processes in IG fora. This will enable the participants to examine how GIPO can further evolve to better contribute to policy making at national, regional and global level. How can GIPO help to contribute to better global internet governance? 

2. How can GIPO increase its outreach beyond the usual suspects and other observatory platforms?
Can we truly reach the most fragile stakeholders? A plurality of actors work on issues related to GIPO’s main activities, but it is difficult to reach out beyond those individuals who are often already engaged in these debates. Are the actors involved in the processes representative of the community of stakeholders? How can GIPO help to expand the circle and increase contributions without diluting expertise?

3. How do you create a shared ownership of the GIPO initiative within the IG community?
We intend to examine what output has emerged from the GIPO tool so far and how it relates to other observatory initiatives. How do the actors perceive the tool and frame their role in GIPO? Can we envisage further synergies with observatory initiatives?


To ensure that the roundtable is as fruitful as possible, the invited participants will be asked to do some homework. They will be split into three groups, each tasked with addressing one of the questions before coming to the meeting. Then during the meeting, a discussion will focus on their mini-presentations and questions from other participants.

The meeting takes place between 9.30 and 12.30 on 8 June; a sandwich lunch will help us wrap up the meeting. The meeting is open to the public, although registration will be necessary as it takes place on European Commission premises in Central Brussels. Please register at https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/events/cf/roundtable-on-the-c....

All are welcome to join the roundtable. Beyond participation from practitioners and researchers with a current focus on internet governance, we are keen to see researchers and practitioners who have been involved in developing knowledge management tools in other global or international environments join the debate. Finally (and not exclusively), we also seek participation from researchers and practitioners who are familiar with international regime complexes, as we think that many different policy areas (notably climate, …) can also provide exciting insights into supporting the development of multistakeholder processes in internet governance.

If you can’t make the morning session, some members of the AG will participate in GIPO’s EuroDIG Pre-event, held in the afternoon on the same day. See http://www.eurodig.org/eurodig-2016/registration/ for registration details.


We look forward to seeing you on June 8! Please don’t forget to register.

Webstream of event:

09:30 - 10.00 (introductions): https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/roundtable-on-the-contribution-of-gipo-to-m...

11:10 - 12:30 (plenary): https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/roundtable-on-the-contribution-of-gipo-to-m...


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