19 Jun 2015

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The AG is born! Launching the Advisory Group to help GIPO grow

By: TrishaM

On 12 June 2015, GIPO’s Advisory Group convened for the first time. This inaugural meeting gave current members of the Advisory Group (AG) the opportunity to become more closely acquainted with the GIPO project. After a virtual round of introductions and a discussion on the AG’s tasks, the Advisory Group started to discuss technical, legal, cooperation and community issues related to the development of the GIPO tool. The AG will delve into these topics in further detail in the coming months. For instance, the AG will provide initial input on the taxonomy (ontology) that is being developed for collecting and organizing the dataset included in the GIPO tool. This will be opened up to the broader community for further development once the AG has reviewed it.

The Advisory Group will support the GIPO team in providing targeted outreach on topics relevant to the technical development of the tool. The AG also agreed to support the team in identifying new sources to include in the GIPO dataset. AG members emphasized the necessity for openness and transparency in the tool’s development. With their help, we hope to ensure that these principles are carried out.

In total the Advisory Group will be composed of twelve members. It currently comprises six members: Andrea Calderaro, Daniel Dardailler, Avri Doria, Bill Drake, Amanda Lawrence and Tom van Engers. We are in the process of extending two more invitations. Then, in the coming months, an open nomination process will be launched for the last four members. We are still working out how to develop this process to ensure that it is as inclusive and open as possible. The AG is tasked with discussing the mechanism of the nomination process. One aspect deemed important is to ensure fair geographic and gender representation in the group.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Advisory Group, we invite you to consult our blog post on the development of the Advisory Group. Soon there will be an AG dedicated page on the GIPO engagement website as well. On this page, we will explain the tasks and membership of the Advisory Group, include profiles of current members and make AG relevant documents publicly available. You do not need to be a member of the Advisory Group to be an active participant in the building of the community: we invite you to participate in the webinars and other outreach activities that are on going!

Trisha Meyer


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