The Observatory

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GIPO main aim is to develop a tool for helping the global community interested in the Internet policy-making process with the collection, analysis and sharing of every relevant information around Internet governance topics. Automated data collection and analysis, semantic technologies, web standards and open data are some of the key areas of expertise that we bring into this project. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use tool that empowers any user to find, display, share and debate about information and documents automatically gathered for a wide set of Internet governance topics.

With the aim of engaging the community of stakeholders into the GIPO platform technical development process, establishing a dialogue for choosing the best technical choices towards a sustainable and upgradable platform design, a set of webinars and technical workshops are planned (see the events section here). You can also get in contact via email if you want to propose us further collaboration and/or receive an early alert when the tool was about to be launched.

If you are interested to contribute to the GIPO platform technical development process with your comments and recommendations, you can now have a look at the first version of the GIPO platform. Just send us an mail expressing your interest and background.

Contact us for any questions or comments related to the Observatory tool using our mailbox contact us.